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Default Roofing This Monstrosity
Howdy everyone, I was looking for a tudor house to build and came across this plan and I've recreated the shell as best as I can, but holy hell the roof. It's a nightmare. Anyone have any ideas?

I'm in way over my head
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Yea, that's a beast, all right... It seems that your proportions are a bit off.

The front of that house that juts forward is only 1 floor with an attic room. Use a steep gable with a hipped front piece and add a dormer for that. That room won't have walls.

The main house has a true second story with a 3rd floor roof. Make a second story for the main part and then a 3rd floor gable roof. You can move your lower story rooms out 1 click and add steep gables for those peaks.

Good luck
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