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Default Can I recover deleted projects?
I'm trying to make changes to a pretty big upload project as per CR, but I deleted the projects once I was done because I don't like having it all filled up with 500 projects and folders and such, and now when I try to clone what I've already created, it doesn't come out nearly as good as it went in. It looks fine in game, so it feels like it must be a problem with the export process, but I can't find any information about fixing that at all, whereas I did find (and follow) a tutorial for fixing the import process...which means I'm going to have to either recover all those project folders and reimport their contents...or redo the entire thing from scratch, which will take me much longer than I have.

If this is a little incoherent it's because I'm somewhat panicking because I don't want to have to do everything all over again (and the time it will take me to do so will make my upload drop out of the queue, which means no sticker). I've looked in my recycle bin but it doesn't seem like any Body Shop files are in there. Can I get them back?

EDIT: Specifically, my problem is that when I create new content from the content I created before, all the files export as 256x256 instead of 512x512. And after changing the GraphicsRules files for all my expansions so it wouldn't shrink textures, I tried making something new and then making something off the new thing, and it still did that. Just in case that makes anything any clearer.
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If you deleted the files using Bodyshop's delete function then they wouldn't have gone to the recycler, and will be gone unless you can run a file recovery on your hard drive.

What are you trying to correct? Just a texture? If you can explain how you're exporting the texture from your packages and attach one here, maybe we can help.

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Well, I've figured out that I can open the CC that I made in SimPE and export the texture files from there, because they apparently are 512x512 -- right up until I click "Create New Project", and then the files for the new one all start out as 256x256. I'm positive I didn't have this problem last week (or ever in my life prior to today), but either way, at least I know the right-sized files exist so I can copy them to the new projects.

As for how I'm exporting the texture, I'm just doing the same thing I've always done, create a new project in Body Shop. Somehow that got broken between last week and now. I don't remember doing anything at all to any relevant files in that time, so I have no idea what's happened. Thank god for SimPE, though it does add even more steps to the process...maybe I just have bad luck.
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As far as I know, there's no way to recover projects deleted from Bodyshop.

You can make a new project. They're basically just texture and file templates, and any changes to them that don't involve texture has to be done in SimPE (using the package file created in SavedSims from clicking "import to game", not the package file in the project folder).

I do advice you to save any PSDs and other files that weren't originally included in the project folder in a different place, as projects can occasionally get corrupted or accidentally deleted, and this may result in you losing a lot of progress. It's also a good idea to save any other files you want to keep outside of the project folder.

I've lost some project files over the years (I saved the extra files in the project folder, bad idea), so I no longer store anything else than the original textures and templates there. Besides, they take up a ridicolous amount of space (one 1024x1024 BMP is 3 MB, one 512x512 texture is around 770 kb, so a simple outfit with texture+alpha is around 6 MB, and an EAxis hair recolor may be 30 MB or more per folder).
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