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Default Lightning Bug on Body Shop Imported Clothing with Normal Maps
I have been trying to fix this issue for days, at first alone and then with the help of people from the Sims forum, but noone found a solution to the problem, so I thought I should post it here. I hope someone can help me.
Any imported top from Body Shop with normal maps turns buggy and shiny when I combine it ingame with a bottom that has normal maps.

On the left it is combined with a skirt without normal maps, on the right it is combined with a skirt with normal maps. The top has normal maps as well and is imported from Body Shop.

An imported top without normal maps works with any bottom. But as you see on the picture above, an imported top with normal maps only works with a bottom without normal maps but not with a bottom with normal maps.
I researched a lot and found this , which seems to be similar to my problem. I followed the instructions on deleting the normal maps but it didn't work.

Does anyone have any idea why this problem occurs and / or how I could fix it?
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