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#1 Old 21st Apr 2018 at 5:42 AM
Default Sims 3 mod trouble
I know most people have moved on to sims 4, but if you could, I'm having trouble with moding my game. I have followed how to install and use .package files and mods, however it just doesn't work. I have everything correctly placed and installed, but every time I load the sims, there is an intro and I have the nointro installed. Any ideas how to fix this? or how to help?
#2 Old 21st Apr 2018 at 7:40 AM
You may be surprised how many of us have not moved onto TS4. Or how many moved back or play both games enjoying them each for what they are.

But anyway, does your setup look exactly like the illustrations here, with the folders named exactly the same and Resource.cfg in the correct place?

Have you cleared (deleted) your scriptCache.package file? This must happen whenever the contents of Mods\Packages is added to or changes in any way.

In your TS3 user game folder in Documents where you are putting this stuff, there will be a file called DeviceConfig.log. Or it may just show up as DeviceConfig, same thing. If you right-click on that and do Properties (Windows) or Get Info (Mac), does the modification date exactly match the last time you started up your game or is it older? If you aren't sure, close out the game folders and startup. The modification date should update instantly.

If yes to the modification date question and the above doesn't help, if you could please provide screenshots of your TS3 user game folder and its contents, your Mods folder, and your Packages folder all in Detail View so we can see what you have where and if anything is in the wrong place.

Also note though, the NoIntro mod does not suppress the "Maxis!" part of the intro. Only the longer movie part, unless you have an updated version of the mod.
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